Top 5 YA/Fantasy Books of 2017

During 2017 I managed to work my way through 45 books, many of which were incredible and took over my life for a week or so. Here are the top 5 series that I worked my way through.

A Court of Thorns and Roses series, by Sarah J. Mass

This series is incredible. It is safe to say I laughed and cried my way through all three books. Never before has a book made me so furious, the need to set it down and walk far, far away from it before it is thrown at something. With a lot of YA books, I find that after something traumatic happens the characters often quickly recover like nothing ever happened. However in this series that is not the case. Through the writing you feel the characters pain and suffering, but it does not consume them. Instead as a reader you feel this amazing triumph as their problems are dealt with face on.  I was fortunate enough to read these 3 books in one go and I was fully submerged in them after the first 100 or so pages. If you have not read these books please please do.

Six of Crows series, Leigh Bardugo

I noticed Leigh Bardugo’s ‘The Grisha’ series before picking up Six of Crows and although I thoroughly enjoyed the original series, this spin off duo better in my opinion. The characters in this book are all extremely different, different backgrounds, personality, wit, etc. But I found myself caring for all of them immensely. I even shed some tears on public transport while reading which was a little bit embarrassing. Both books in this series are extremely clever, while still full of magic, they the series doesn’t focus on that. Instead the relationships between the characters as well as the problems that arise due to the crimes commited is what drives these books. An excellent read, I would highly recommend.

Falling Kingdoms Series, Morgan Rhodes

Initially I wasn’t sure what to think of these books, I enjoyed the first one and was intrigued to see where the story went and i am very thankful that i chose to do so. The characters in this series have so many dimensions to them. They show that sometimes things aren’t just black and white, a perception that you might have of someone (or something) might not be correct, that you should make up your own mind on a matter instead of letting others do it for you. These books quickly took over my life, now i am sat waiting impatiently for the next one to come out.

Lord of Shadows, Cassandra Clare

I began reading Cassandra Clare books around 9 years ago. Through the original mortal instrument series I ended up getting a bit lost off by the end. However, the Dark Artefact series are brilliant. They dive deeper into the world of the Fey and Downworlders, while characters from previous books keep popping up. While I do find the ‘forbidden love’ story line rather repetitive the Shadow World book series, I keep coming back. The interactions between other characters and the development of their relationship, along with the mysteries, adventures and conflict is why this book was such a joy to read.

The God Fragments series, Tom Lloyd 

Stranger of Tempest (The God Fragments book 1) was a book I picked up because it was something that I wouldn’t usually read (it was also in hard back and looked beautiful). But immediately I was hooked, the humour was a bit dark and dry but hilarious. Tom Lloyd paints a picture in such as way that your imagination just goes into overdrive, creating vast caves, monsters and fights.  With Stranger of Tempest for around the first half of the book I couldn’t understand how the cover related to the book (I know don’t judge a book by its cover but…). I was reading a book about mercenaries and assassins, not giant monsters. But that all quickly changed, with this series you never know what is around the corner which just makes these books harder to put down.




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